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NJ artist turns heads with mannequins

Spooky, stylish and safe. Perhaps an odd choice of words to describe the crowd of more than 50 mannequins that look out of Dee Luzack's yard here. Her partner, artist Michael Calantoni, created the mannequins. They are made of old recycled materials, like plastic bottles, duct tape, wire, wigs and siding. Safety was the original reason he started making mannequins. Calantoni says that he usually walks or rides his bicycle and it was dangerous for him to cross the street.

Money & Business

FEM Shops pop-up business event kicks-off Hispanic Heritage Month in Perth Amboy

Going beyond and doing something extra, beyond her day-to-day work, is one of the guiding principles instilled in Tashilee Vazquez by her mother. While Vazquez is the deputy department head for Perth Amboy's Department of Housing and Social Services, she is also the owner of FEM Shops, a company that sells Female Empowering Merchandise for women inclusive of all shapes, size, and color.

College dropout Sean Kelly of Bridgewater uses social media to make Jersey Champs a success

Even though the chances of success for college dropouts are low, the few who prevail join the ranks of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. New Jersey's own, Sean Kelly, 20, CEO of Bridgewater-based Jersey Champs, has joined their ranks by leveraging the power of social media, mainly Instagram, to take his company from a small business to a multi-million dollar success.