Alexander Lewis

I am a full-time student at Rutgers University majoring in Journalism and Media Studies. 
I am a reporter at Courier News / Home News Tribune / and Asbury Park Press.
I also do freelance photography.
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Faculty Contact Negotiations Series

News article series about ongoing faculty contract negotiations on the Middlesex County College campus.
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NJ marijuana: Edison-based online headshop DankStop prepares for pot legalization

EDISON - Feliks Khaykin and Louis Coniglio have known each other since third grade, and even started their first business together. While that business, renting Yo-Yos and selling how-to-do Yo-Yo trick classes and accessories to their classmates, was ultimately shut down by the school, their entrepreneurial spirit went undimmed. They started their newest business,, an Edison-based online headshop, in Khaykin's parents' basement with an investment of $4,400 more than four years ago. Today, Khaykin serves as the chief executive officer of the business that now makes around $7 million a year and was recently valued at $15 million.